July 10, 2010

A Different Personal Training Program

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For a while I have been searching for my place in the weight loss world. I have been a personal trainer for four years, and I am good at it. I have been a coach for about a year, and I am good at that. However, I haven’t had the most luck on attracting my ideal clients. After brainstorming with my business coaches I realize why I haven’t been attracting the right clients. It isn’t until now that I feel like I know where I really belong in the weight loss world.

I am a personal trainer that believes weight loss should never be hard work. Sounds contradictory right? How can I be a personal trainer that doesn’t believe in “No pain, No gain?” This is why I believed I had to give up personal training and go after coaching. Today I realize however that I can be both. I am a DIFFERENT kind of personal trainer. I am here for all those people who are looking for an entirely new approach to weight loss. One that includes working on core issues, and gaining strength and confidence in the gym.

I have struggled to merge these two worlds but now it is clear. I am the ONLY personal trainer that teaches weight loss in the manner that I do. The ONLY one! If someone is sick and tired of working out and not getting results I am here for them. I have completely restructured my thought process and my pricing structure so that I can help numerous people lose weight without pain, punishment or stress.

I understand my place now, I am a different Personal Trainer. Want to learn more: http://www.michellehastie.com/no-diet-weight-loss/


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